A Farewell, Kind of

This is not a farewell to blogging but a goodbye to wordpress!


See you over there at my new blog home!

Franklin Foto | Road Trip

Franklin was a good sport while road-tripping through Northern California. He took lot’s of backseat naps and enjoyed being in front of the camera most of the time.


However, there were moments when the talent had enough.

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Falling for Fall



While on a road trip this fall my sister and I spotted more than a mellow yellow patch of trees just outside North Lake Tahoe. A last minute decision to turn off the road and pull out my camera resulted in some beautiful Fall photos.
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Franklin Foto


Alexandra & Justin {I Do}

This wedding. Where do I begin? First of all, these two are in LOVE and it shows in every photo. The way they look at each other and the love captured in these photos are the exact reasons why I love photography! Their day was incredibly genuine, intimate and FULL of surprises….the Groom did a surprise Michael Jackson dance in costume and this group not only had karaoke at their wedding but every single person could sing, dance and put on a show. I had a blast at this wedding so did everyone else. Thank you Alexandra & Justin for being gorgeous and allowing me to be apart of your day.

Big thanks and shout out to Kyle Hoffer for being a great second shooter!

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Really love this moment!

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Yes, it’s happening! 114BW 116BW 125BW 129 139 144 147BW 155 158 161BW 164 166BW 168 173 177 179 186 188BW 195BW 208BW

These two didn’t have a first look….I love the authenticity of this moment.

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An {I Do} Sneak Peek | Alexandra & Justin

This picture. It makes my heart flutter with excitement.

aj wedding preview 2



Portraits of a Bridesmaid

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Carly Says I Do {What Happened Before}

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On Friendships…








We set up an at-home photo booth for Carly’s Bachelorette and what we captured is exactly what our friendship looks like.

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{Engaged} Bryan & Carly in NW Portland

These two! They are a very special couple to me and I was so honored to be apart of their engagement. We had such a fun afternoon exploring NW Portland and someone may have even cried during the session…I cannot confirm nor deny that it was me but I do know that this is absolutely one of my favorite sessions to-date.

01 02 05BW 06 08BW 10 11BW 12 1517 19BW 24BW 26 28BW 30BW 31 33 36BW 43BW 46 47BW 48 59BW 64 68 72 78BW 80 83BW 85BW 86 89 90 91 92BW 96 98 99 100BWAll Photos © Jessica Nelson